Freeway Ministries bridging the gap between the streets and the police

Jessi HawkinsVolunteer Spotlight

There is a non-profit here in the Ozarks that provide free hot meals, clothing, and the gospel to those who most need it.

“Our identity is not found in what we’ve done, our identity is found in Christ.”

From the Pit, to the pulpit. John Stroup, was once a convicted felon, now he’s a preacher and the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Freeway Ministries

“I was raised with a twisted view of authority my whole life. I was taught that evil was good and good was evil,” explained Stroup.

With a new mindset, and purpose Stroup co-founded Freeway Ministries. It focuses on creating a bridge to the church to reach those who seem hard to reach with the gospel.

“We run after people most run away from,” said Stroup.

On Saturday, December 1st, 2018 Freeway Ministries wanted to take its mission one step further and bridge a gap they felt was much needed.

“A lot of time people who are in law enforcement, they only see the side of things when they have handcuffs on them, or they’re chasing them down, or they’re going to a call. But when they meet them here they’re not going to be high on drugs. and they’re not going to be strung out or running,they’re going to be here because they want to get help, and the stereotype of once a criminal always a criminal will fall away.” explained Stroup.

Stroup invited the Springfield Police department along with their friends and family to come witness what Freeway was all about, and share his story.

“Yes he has a history of being a criminal and things like that,” said Springfield Police and volunteer, Lt. David Meyer. “God has changed him completely and so we have that as our common ground now,” he said.

Lt. Meyer volunteered Saturday evening at Freeway Ministries with a few of his colleagues, friends, and family.

“This is totally different, just being able to serve a meal to people it’s an honor. The take away from it is that all the people who are attending here, get to hear the gospel,” explained Meyer.